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  1. Ionic Detox Foot Baths: Remove Cellular debris and Toxins from the Body in 30 Minutes Naturally.
  2. Ear Candling: For those who suffer from excessive wax, ear infections and sinus conditions.
  3. Facials: For every skin type we'll make you look and feel Great
  4. Acne Treatments and products. Clear your skin and look Great!
  5. Natural Vitamins and Supplements: Keep your body healthy and pure with Natural supplementation.
  6. Alkaline Oxygenated Water: To improve your body's ph levels and give you more endurance.
  7. Himalayan Salt Treatments and products: For people with respiratory ailments. Salt Baskets and Lamps to infuse your home with negative Ions for a healthy environment. Works well for Pets too!
  8. Weight Loss Program and Supplements: Know your body type and how to lose weight using our D.N.A. testing kits. Then create a program to fit your needs.

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